Friday, July 16, 2010

Jan Brewer's Nazi Money

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Arizona has a new law on the books that will go into effect at the end of this month. The racist screed known as SB 1070 is already being attacked in Court. Instead of relying on state legal experts and state funds to defend this affront to civilized society, our governor has inexplicably hired private lawyers to defend the legislation, and she is paying for their services through Internet begging.

Earlier this week the editorial board of the Arizona Republic, the state's largest newspaper, had the governor in for a visit. They wanted to be certain that she understood that much of the money coming into the SB 1070 defense fund was being generated by hate sites on the Internet. Our gutless leader apparently mouthed her disapproval of donations by bigots and lamented that if she just knew who they were, the money could be returned.

And then she smiled all the way back to the Capitol.

Hate groups like (a well known neo-Nazi watering hole) are openly and vigorously encouraging their followers to donate to Brewer's legal slush fund. The problem is that there is no information required with the money that comes in from these sources. If a person makes a political donation to a candidate over the Internet, quite a bit of information is collected along with the cash. That is not happening in this case.

Another scary group that is ginning up support for the SB 1070 defense fund is America's Third Position (A3P), a group that describes itself as existing "to represent the political interests of White Americans." A3P brags: "We support all constructive endeavors by private citizens, businesses, local governments - or in this case a sovereign state - to stem and reverse the browning of America." A3P said on it's website today that it has forwarded a three-figure donation to the SB 1070 fund. Three whole figures - wow!

Decent people would return the A3P donation - all three figures of it!

So the Sand Hag is mystified again. Are racists really donating to her special fund?Just because the money is being used to defend the legislative centerpiece of her brief governorship, a bill so blatantly racist that even many Republicans are embarrassed by it, does that necessarily mean that it is stirring cash from cretins?

Yes, of course it does. SB 1070 is the high water mark for racism in America since the good old days when George Wallace was running for President and Bull Connor was busting heads in Alabama. These people are coming to the fore and enjoying every second of the teabuggery attention. They are sending money - and Jan Brewer knows it - and she is glad to get it!

There is nothing mystifying about how this works. Arizona passed a shameful racist law that is an embarrassment to good people everywhere. Jan Brewer is running for her first full term as governor of Arizona, and she is pandering to the state's vocal and highly racist riffraff in order to gain their votes. Brewer's defense fund generates a good deal of publicity on its own, and the proceeds will ensure that high-priced lawyers will be able to march into court and defend the state's indefensible law.

Everybody wins. Jan gets the votes, the lawyers get the money, the evil law has its day in court, and the crazies who salivate over the and America's Third Position websites get the sexual high of knowing that they gave money to deny rights to racial minorities.

Well, not everybody wins. The good people who are being victimized by this angry mob mentality are leaving. There are better jobs in other states, and better weather. They are going, and in their wake will remain the nativist sandbillies and scorpion-milkers who will have to learn to clean their own toilets, trim their own trees, and pay their own sales taxes.

America has come so far with regard to human rights over the past half-century. Do we really want to throw all of that away and return to an age of ignorance?

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