Monday, July 12, 2010

Arizona Mean

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There are different types of politicians, at least in most places. Many states have a mixture of good guys, crooks, and crackpots. There is even a smattering of politicians in this country who run for office to serve others as opposed to serving themselves and their bank accounts.

But politics in Arizona is more one-dimensional than that.

If there is a common denominator for Arizona politicians, by and large it is meanness. Joe Arpaio, for instance calls a news conference every time he thinks of something else to deny the inmates in his canvas gulag. Arizona voters love crap like that and praise Jesus, (er, uh ... Joe), for being the "toughest sheriff" in America. Just don't ask him about the inmate deaths that have occurred on his watch. Joe doesn't like to be bothered with details.

And, of course, Jan Brewer, our joke of a governor, has used her high school education to come up with a campaign strategy that revolves around demonizing Latinos/Hispanics to the point that some might believe Arizona is far more dangerous than Iraq or Afghanistan. She generates the notion that anyone who happens to have been born brown or with a funny last name is an enemy of democracy, motherhood, and all gun-toting, god-loving, white Americans with proper British surnames. Jan has also spread accounts of massive kidnappings of Arizonans by drug cartels and multitudes of decapitated bodies littering the Sonora Desert. Both of those allegations are absolute falsehoods, and the Sand Hag knows it!

There is also Russell Pearce, a state senator who associates with a known neo-nazi and writes hate legislation with such speed and vehemence that his crayons often overheat.

Or how about our state superintendent of instruction, a career politician named Tom Horne? The loquacious Mr. Horne, a candidate for state attorney general, brags about ending ethnic studies and banning bilingual education in Arizona schools - seriously - like that's something to brag about! It will take a generation to correct the damage that he has done to Arizona education, if the people here even wanted to correct it!

Then there is always crabby-assed John McCain who pisses and moans about everything!

But as of today, Arizona has a new king of mean. Our 'other' United States Senator, Jon Kyl, has inexplicably come out in favor of extending Bush era tax cuts for the super wealthy, while ending unemployment insurance for the poor. I guess that fairly well encapsulates what people here feel that government should be doing, protecting the rich and kicking the hell out of the poor.

Nice work, Senator Kyl. You are one mean bastard!

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