Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Settled In and Acclimated

by Pa Rock
New Kid in Town
My new boss picked me up at noon and we had a nice lunch at a restaurant on a hilltop that overlooked a wide expanse of the East China Sea and the flight line at Kadena. After that I met some of my co-workers. It was surprising and pleasing to find that I immediately felt so at home here.

The big excitement at my office is that someone brought a family of hedgehogs to work, and a couple of the babies have escaped and are on the loose somewhere in the building. I think that I will fit into the staff here rather nicely!

One of the young airmen drove me to Tori Station (an army base) this afternoon where I completed some of my official paperwork. While there I learned that my annual housing allowance is approximately the size of my annual salary. I am looking forward to getting out and finding an apartment. The ladies who helped me in-process at Tori were delightful. One came here from a previous assignment in England - and she loves it here!

The drive to Tori Station and back cut through a nice slice of Okinawan daily life. I am anxious to get out and begin exploring.

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