Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Heads are Rolling!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist
If there ever was a time when some big heads need to be rolling, surely it is now.

General Stanley McChrystal was fired a couple of weeks ago for disrespecting his commander-in-chief within earshot of a journalist. He officially stepped down yesterday - better late than never. McChrystal should have been shown the door after his cover-up of the circumstances of the friendly-fire death of Pat Tillman. Instead, President Obama inexplicably promoted him to head the war in Afghanistan. Well, what goes around, comes around, and I doubt that any of the Tillman's regret the sudden downturn in the fortunes of Stanley McChrystal.

The second enlarged cranium to find itself staring down at the chopping block belongs to BP chief executive Tony Hayward. News stories today indicate that he will unemployed by next Tuesday. Hayward, like McChrystal, has managed to take a very bad situation and make it worse. While the whole world watched oil gushing into the Gulf for the umpteenth day in a row, Hayward was participating in a yachting competition around the Isle of Wight. His public relations skills are right down there with McChrystal's!

Neither of these were "clean" firings. Stanley McChrystal got to pin on his fourth star before "retiring," thus pumping up his monthly retirement pay while adding some luster to his tarnished career. And Hayward will undoubtedly have a golden parachute that could bankroll a couple of third world nations. But the good news remains - they're gone!

Now, if the Feds would just complete their investigation of Joe Arpaio...!

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