Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Facebook? Forget About It!

by Pa Rock
Internet Activist
I don't like Facebook. I have never liked Facebook. My name got added to its crap-infested site a couple of years ago when my daughter wanted to send me some pictures through its pages, so I let them add me to their rolls. Big mistake!

My first issue with Facebook is that I don't understand how to use it. That's on me, but unless a service is personally important to me - and Facebook isn't - I'm not going to invest the time to make it a functioning part of my life. If I want someone to know something about me, I will send them an email, or maybe even a letter. And if I want to post information indiscriminately, I will do that on one or all of my blogs.

And games? Games are something that you play on the kitchen table, with friends, real people who laugh and swear and cheat! If you want me to play Mafia Wars, get the edition that comes in a box and bring it over to my place some evening - and we'll play! And farm animals? Don't send me any freaking cyber-cows! I've lived on a farm, and I much prefer the real ones - the ones that require feeding and watering even in the frozen darkness of winter. It's a lot more work, but it is REAL!

Okay, so here is what has me going on about Facebook today: a friend from my childhood has "friended" me. I haven't heard from the lady in decades, and it would be nice to reply back and ask how she is doing. But Facebook has its panties in a knot because I have moved, and they want me to verify that I am really me. So they had me re-type a couple of words and then wanted me to identify the people in some photographs who were, I suppose, from my friends list. I could only "skip" two photos. The pictures were of people I didn't know, or of children in the 1950's. Some were blurred, and some were taken at such a distance that Hercule Poirot could not have ID'd them. So I failed the test - and can retake it in an hour!

Facebook, you sent me this communication, remember? You are a two-bit public nuisance, not the CIA! If you want me to play, quit screwing with me - and make the connection. Otherwise, leave me the hell alone!

On second thought, forget about it. I won't be back to retry in a hour because I quit!

(This angry typist would love to hear from anyone who knows the process for getting one's name removed from the bad cyber-blowjob that is Facebook!)

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bk in MO said...

Oh, don't get your panties in a wad. My picture is now just a mouth. That is part of the problem. LOL.
Don't leave Facebook. Just get back in it and be cool.