Friday, July 30, 2010

Military Censors Powerball and Planned Parenthood

by Pa Rock
I am so anxious to get out of billeting and into my own place away from the air base - and a primary reason for that is the rampant censorship that seems to be so important to the military.

I brought several Powerball tickets with me from the states. They probably aren't winners - they never are - but I won't know for sure until I get off of Kadena. The military in it's infinite wisdom censors the Powerball site because it is categorized as "gambling!" Never mind that I can walk one block down the street to the Officer's Club and play slot machines all day long and well into the night. I can also participate in poker tournaments at that same club. But the military is going to protect me from the evils of Powerball whether I want the protection or not!

This morning I tried to access the Planned Parenthood site to sign a cyber-petition. That site was blocked because it is thought to promote "sex education." God forbid that the young people in today's military, or their children, receive any of that evil sex education stuff. After all, sex ed is known to cause babies and spread venereal disease. Just ask Sarah Palin. She never let her kids have any of that sex education crap. You betcha she didn't! And she will also keep it away from Bristol's out-of-wedlock baby! Sex education, indeed!

And then there is the matter of porn. Even the mildest of sites are blocked by the military. (Don't ask me how I know!) And I guess that is good because we certainly don't want our young service people who are living here, often alone and on two-year tours, to have any access to materials that might lead to them pleasuring themselves in the safety of their dorm rooms. That's what the bar girls and back alleys are for!

Suddenly I am beginning to realize why we have gotten so bogged down in the Middle East!

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Xobekim said...

Send me the ticket dates and I'll send you the winning numbers. Which is much easier than sending the losing numbers!