Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll Follow the Sun

by Pa Rock
Pacific Islander
Just woke up to my first full day on Okinawa in many years. There are two American radio stations on the island, both apparently sponsored by the military. The AM station is NPR - praise Allah!, and the FM station is classic rock. The first song to play on the classic rock station as I was waking today: "I'll Follow the Sun" by the Beatles. That was followed a few tunes later by the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun , Fun!" I am taking those both as good omens.

My new boss will pick me up soon for lunch and a tour of the place where I will be working. I am looking forward to meeting my new co-workers, and hoping that one or two of them would like to get out this weekend and show me some of the island.

Today's weather forecast: low of 70 degrees, high of 86 degrees, and a chance of rain. Eat your heart out, Phoenix!

I am unpacked into my temporary quarters, and hoping that finding permanent housing will be one of the achievable priorities.

Local radio has been advertising tours and concerts all morning. Apparently Disney World Tokyo is a big draw here, and Snoop Dogg is on the island getting ready to perform.

The lady deejay - a staff sergeant - says that the Air Force exchanges 85 yen per dollar. When I came here nearly forty years ago the rate was 300 yen to the dollar - but then that rat bastard Nixon devalued the dollar with no warning, and it was cut in half to around 150 yen to the dollar - which really hurt all of us who were in housing out on the economy and had to pay our rent in yen!

I am off to have a wonderful day - even if it rains!

(Note: This entry was actually posted on the morning of July 23, 2010 on Okinawa. I haven't been able to figure out how to get Google to realize that I am no longer in Hellizona!)

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