Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wasserman Schultz Gets Her Comeuppance

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Democratic Queen Bee Debbie Wasserman Schultz has had a very bad week.  Her tight web of control over the Democratic Party suddenly began to unravel several days ago when  Wikileaks released a treasure trove of emails pilfered from the inner-sanctum of the Democratic National Committee - emails which show, contrary to prior claims by Wasserman Schultz, that the leadership of the committee had been actively rigging the nomination process and working against the interests of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders - as the Sanders camp had alleged all along.  The emails also showed that Wasserman Schultz had been using the good offices of the Democratic National Committee for personal advantage in her primary race against fellow Democrat Tim Canova in Florida's 23rd congressional district.

Debs had been using her position in the Democratic National Committee to give advantage to Hillary Clinton and to herself - and she had been lying about it.  

As a major political firestorm developed over all of this new information, it quickly became apparent that none of the big shots in the Democratic Party were going to rush to Debs' rescue.  She eventually decided to spare the party unnecessary controversy and resign the chairmanship - kinda, sorta.  Debbie announced that she would vacate the chair at the end of convention week - but that she would still gavel-in and gavel-out the convention and spend the week rolling around in all of her well-deserved glory.

Then she chose to speak to a relatively safe audience.  She addressed a breakfast meeting of the Florida delegation to the convention - a room supposedly packed with her political friends from back home.  She was booed and heckled at that meeting and had to be escorted out by security.

It was another disaster in a very bad week!

Then some of the party brass apparently let Debs know that they didn't want her opening the convention.  America did not need to see the Chairman of the Democratic National Convention being jeered and humiliated during the opening ceremony.   Wasserman Schultz gave up her gavel in complete defeat and boarded a plane for Florida.

Then Politico reported that the Clinton camp was apparently ungrateful for all of the help Debbie had provided.  Politico said that the Clinton people had been wanting to get rid of her for over a year, and that Obama had even wanted her out but had not wanted to go to the bother of removing her from the position.

What an awful, awful week poor Debbie had!

Now she is back in south Florida and refocusing on her primary campaign to keep her seat in Congress - and her opponent, law professor Tim Canova, will undoubtedly use many of Debbie's own emails against her.

Will Debbie's very bad week ever end?

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Don said...

Can't tell you how much I hope Canova wins. The party apparatus is supposed to be neutral in the battle of candidates and Debby was anything but. In addition, she runs roughshod over her "employees" and, when asked to resign by party dignitaries refused to do so. Only a phone call from Obama finally got her out of there.