Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Global Warming Is Here - and It's a Bitch!

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Summer

While Republicans continue to waddle around in the air-conditioned Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland  sporting their tinfoil hats and denying that climate change is real, the rest of the world, and particularly those of us who have to be outside in the Great Midwest, know better.  Historic temperature records are being smashed, global warming is here and its running amok, and it's a bitch!

Yes, I have endured temperatures that were higher when I lived in Arizona, but that was without all of the humidity.  Yesterday, while pushing the lawnmower around during the heat of the day, I began to liquefy and finally had to come inside.  (And yes, I realize that mowing while the sun is at its peak is dumb - but all of the smart people I know live in apartments.)  (First you take care of everyone else's needs - and then you mow.)

I moved the baby chicks out to the nursery in the chicken coop - a place that is literally an oven - and they are under a constant light to keep them active - and a constant fan to keep them breathing.  So far they are all surviving.

Cosmo, the baby peacock who was living in the nursery with the four black ducklings, moved to the barn where he spent two days in a small cage.  That gave the big peacocks time to look him over without being able to get at him.  This morning I turned him loose with the big birds in the aviary.  Cosmo flies now, so I am hopeful that he can stay ahead of the curious older peacocks.

The four ducklings have a new home in the garden enclosure.    They have water to play in, and seem to really love it there.  Last evening I sprayed them with the hose for about ten minutes.  They all stood up straight and ran in and out of the water.  We had a blast!

It's hot - but maybe if the Republicans keep their tinfoil hats on as they leave the convention hall tomorrow, they will be able to make it to the airport without suffering too much additional brain damage.

And speaking of damaged brains - it's time to mow some more!

(Big Update:  I just returned from taking brunch to my feathered farm guests - where I discovered that Cosmo the little peacock had escaped the confines of the aviary and made his way over to the confines of the enclosed garden area where he has happily reunited himself with his duck brothers and sisters!  Apparently black ducks matter.)

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