Thursday, July 7, 2016

The System Is Rigged

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Donald Trump is finally right about something:  the system is rigged.  He was referencing politics, gnashing his teeth over the emerging fact that nobody is going to indict Hillary for anything.  He's right.  Polls suggest that many Americans regard the presumptive Democratic candidate as untrustworthy, a feeling rooted further back in time than just the current flap over proper email protocol.  She is free and favored to walk back into the White House because the system is rigged.

But people also look at Donald Trump and feel the system is rigged.   Trump is a man that the majority of Americans neither like nor trust, yet he too is the presumptive nominee of his party.  With so many better alternatives in both parties, America winds up with a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The system is most definitely rigged.

And the system is rigged in other ways as well.

A toothless hillbilly can waddle through a major department store with a fully automatic weapon strapped to his back, and decent people have to scurry out of the way because a "patriot" is coming through.  But change that patriot's skin color from white to black, and a whole different scenario opens up.   This Tuesday a black man, reportedly unarmed, was shot and killed by police in Baton Rouge while selling CD's in front of a quick stop.  The owner of the shop said that he had never objected to the man selling his wares in front of the store - yet the police shot him multiple times.  Last night, another black man was shot multiple times by police in St. Paul, Minnesota.  His crime:  driving with a broken tail light.  That black man had a gun, and he reportedly told police that - and he also told them that he had a permit to carry his gun - but as he reached for his wallet, the two white cops fired four rounds into him.  A black man carrying a gun, even with a permit, is not a patriot.

And Allah help the poor Muslim who believes that he has any Second Amendment rights at all.  Jesus didn't write the Second Amendment for people like that.

The system is rigged.

I would like to see Congress and the state legislatures pass some common sense gun laws that would actually protect people and make us safer, but I don't have the access or influence to sell that idea to any of my senators or representatives.  I'm just a small caliber, spent shell.  My Republican United States senator, Ol' Roy Blunt, has taken over fifty thousand dollars in influence money from the National Rifle Association.  That is far more "influence" than I will ever be able to muster.  My Republican congressman, Jason Smith, has taken three thousand dollars from the NRA, a level of influence that is also beyond my means.  The National Rifle Association understands that the fine art of legislating has more to do with a checkbook than it does with a concerned citizen.

I read once that cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas have to bid on their jobs and purchase them because the tips are so lucrative.  It looks like members of Congress work on the same principal.  It has nothing to do with salary - it is the "tips" that carry the day - and the influence.

The system is rigged.

Highly qualified students can't get into the top schools because spots are reserved for a backwash of genetic residue called "legacies."

The system is rigged.

American companies that send thousands of jobs overseas are still rewarded with preferential tax breaks.

The system is rigged.

Businessmen routinely take advantage of bankruptcy laws to cheat employees and contractors out of money owed to them.

The system is rigged.

Minor drug offenders are warehoused for years in prison hellholes while white-collar criminals remain free or serve minimum sentences in "country club" prisons.

The system is rigged.

So, congratulations to the racist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semetic, money-grubbing, thin-skinned, self-absorbed blowhard and presumptive Republican presidential nominee for finally getting something right.   The system is definitely rigged - and it is a system that a President Trump would gleefully fight to preserve.

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Don said...

Wow! Quite an indictment. Well said.