Sunday, July 17, 2016

All Hail the Butt-Wipe Ticket!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

They both have slogans.  Donald Trump promises to "Make America Great Again," with a clear implication that the Obama years have tarnished the country and thrown it into upheaval and disrepair - and Hillary says we will be "Stronger Together" and that she will be "Fighting for Us."  But that's all they are - just slogans - the "I Like Ike's" of our times.   Today's campaigns offer so much more than simple slogans:  They have massive field organizations, web pages, twitter accounts, and a dozen other ways of seeping into the public consciousness which remain completely beyond my understanding.

And they have logos.

Hillary has been out with hers for a long time - A blue capital H with a red arrow pointing to the right as the crosspiece.  It puts one in mind of a European road sign.

Donald's logo was unveiled this week after his formal declaration that Indiana's useless governor, Mike Pence, would be the GOP sacrificial running mate.  The new logo plays on both names, Trump and Pence, and features a large capital T ramming itself down into a large capital P - causing some observers to note in alarm, "What is that "T" doing to that "P"?

But, even more disconcerting is the prominence of those specific two letters - "T"and "P" - a pairing that would not escape the notice of most middle schoolers.

Back before "TP" was common parlance for toilet paper, in fact way back in the 1950's - back when people still liked Ike - my mother once sent my father to to store with a shopping list.  Included on her list was "w paper."  Dad, being a simple soul, brought home a roll of wax paper.  He then had to turn around and go back to the store for toilet (wiping) paper.  Mom snickered about that for years.

But today's "T" and "P" are not so funny.  Here's hoping they get flushed!

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