Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Is Already Campaigning for 2020

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Ted Cruz, a man who two months ago openly loathed Donald Trump, has now apparently gone begging to the business charlatan, hat-in-hand, asking for a speaking spot at next week's Republican National Convention - and Trump has inexplicably given him a place at the podium.  Cruz, no doubt remembers well that Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention of 2004, given at a time when he had yet to be even elected to the Senate, was key in propelling him to the White House four years later.

It's probably safe to assume that Ted Cruz won't really be speaking for the candidacy of Donald Trump, a man expected to lose anyway.  Cruz is a man who has more crude ambition than Richard Nixon in his prime.  He will be giving America a long, solid look at the candidate who hopes to defeat the incumbent President Hillary Clinton in 2020.  He will give a barn-burner of speech - the one speech that delegates and ordinary Americans will remember long after this convention shuts down and Trump has been politically pulverized by Hillary Clinton.

2020 will be a tough race for Republicans with an incumbent Democrat sitting in the White House - just ask Mitt Romney about the power of the incumbency.   Cruz, however, is counting on Hillary to be up to her neck in Clintonesque scandals by that time.  And if she isn't - if she is doing an exemplary job and the country loves her, he will still be young enough to spend four more years flitting about the Senate and the country and keeping his name in the news until 2024.

I read an interesting piece on the Huffington Post this morning which speculated that Donald Trump really isn't invested in winning this election - he is just running to increase his brand recognition and make money - like Sarah Palin did in marketing herself after losing the Vice Presidency in 2008.  And that's probably right because this election already has the look and feel of a GOP forfeit.

But Ted Cruz won't be running to lose.  He wants to be President in the worst way possible.  Look for the candidate to begin the 2020 campaign next week with a spellbinding speech that will leave God-fearing Americans hungry for his leadership.  Ted Cruz will be pushing his way forward to lead America, whether he's needed or not - and he doesn't have time to waste!

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Xobekim said...

It used to be that the Grand Old Loser of the Grand Old Party was Harold Stassen. Apparently Cruz, like Stassen, is poised to be a perennial candidate. Although Stassen was in the vanguard of making the South solid for Republicans, he was not toxic as is Cruz.

One wonders if there will be a Republican Party in 12 years. Demographics are working against a party that prefers itself to be old, white, and stodgy. The moderate Republicans are being out numbered by the radical right wing haters that have propelled Donald Trump to the nomination. Independent voters are occupying, more and more, the middle ground and want candidates who will get the work done and end the posturing.

And I thought 1968 was interesting.