Tuesday, July 19, 2016

GOP Convention Stumbles Forward

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Admittedly, I have not watched any of the Republican convention and don't plan to, nor will I be watching next week's Democratic get-together.   There's really no need to sit glued to the tube for hours on end - because all of the good bits quickly get highlighted on the internet news sites.

The GOP apparently got their brawl on shortly after the show started.  There was a big brouhaha around a proposed rules change that would have freed delegates to vote their conscience instead staying chained to the candidate who had won their support.  Delegations from two states - Colorado and Iowa - angrily walked out when the chair refused a request for a roll call vote on the matter.

Word leaked during the day that the real reason Sarah Palin is AWOL at the convention is that her son Track is in jail over a domestic abuse charge.  The Palin family is always at the forefront of Christian family values that Republicans like to wallow in.

But the highlight of the evening was apparently when Donald trotted out the old ball-and-chain, his young and voluptuous wife, Melania, to give the keynote address.  Mrs. Trump, fully clothed and in white, spoke for several minutes, her words swimming in a rich immigrant accent, and told the world about what a good and caring person her husband was.   It wasn't too long after Melania exited the stage that speedy researchers found that she had lifted (plagiarized) large portions of her remarks from the speech that Michelle Obama gave to the Democratic National Convention in 2008 - much of it word-for-word.

So apparently at least one Republican admires Michelle Obama.

That discovery set fact-checkers to digging, and they soon found another instance of the truth being bent by Mrs. Trump.  Melania and Donald have claimed that she is a university graduate with a degree in architecture.  It turns out that Melania sat through a couple of lectures on architecture while a student at the University of Slovenia - but dropped out of the school during her freshman year.  She is about as much of an architect as Donald Trump is a successful businessman.

It looks like Donald Trump runs conventions about like he runs casinos - sloppy, slapdash, and in a manner that's sure to go bust.

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Xobekim said...

The Trump family apparently majored in Plagiarism at Trump University. On Tuesday night Junior did it again. Trump campaign officials quickly noted that Junior's speechwriter was the original wordsmith on the lifted words. It takes a high level of sophistication to plagiarize in this manner, to pull off this type of piracy. Junior's words, although written by the same speechwriter, belonged nonetheless to the person who first paid that speechwriter for them. Theft is theft. I wonder if you can minor in Theft at Trump U?

But it is all Hillary's fault because she's a woman and Obama, or something like that.