Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Wayward Sons of Supernatural

by Pa Rock
TV Junkie

Sometime last year I began streaming the television series, Supernatural, the story of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, whose mission in life is to hunt down and kill monsters.  I had seen bits of the series while living on Okinawa, but never enough episodes in a row to connect with the story line.  When I acquired the Roku, it became possible to go back to the beginning and watch the series in its entirety - on Netflix - beginning with season one which aired in 2005.  Last night I completed season ten - or episode two-hundred-and-eighteen.   Season eleven is currently running nationally and won't be available on Netflix until sometime this summer.

Now I know the story line.  The two boys, Dean, a pre-schooler, and Sam, a baby, were living with their parents in Lawrence, Kansas, when an evil force entered the house one evening and killed their mother.   The boys' father became a hunter of monsters in an effort to avenge mother's death, and the little lads often had to follow him around the country, taking care of themselves in motel rooms, while dad went on his monster quests.

Dean became a hunter, like dad, but Sam escaped the family obsession, at least temporarily, when he fled to Stanford and became a college student.  At some point during his college career Sam's girlfriend was killed by a demonic force in exactly the same manner that his mother had been killed - and, at that same time Dean showed up and told Sam that Dad was missing.  The young men took off on their own quest to find Dad, kill monsters, and avenge the death of Sam's girlfriend.

Ten years later they are still at it.

During the decade that this show has been running, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) have dealt with angels (both good and bad), Satan, Cain, vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, witches, warlocks, ghosts, and all manner of demonic creatures.  They have visited Hell, Purgatory, and the business offices of Heaven.  At one point they even gazed into the enchanted land of Oz.  They have partnered with their faithful friend, Castiel, an angel - and their sometimes necessary friend, Crowley, the king of Hell. 

Sam and Dean have splashed enough holy water around to have washed Dean's 1967 Chevy Impala ("Baby") hundreds of times, and they have severed more heads than a dozen migrant workers could chop in a field of cabbage during an entire growing season.  And the bodies they have dug up and burned could heat Grand Central Station during a couple of New York winters.  They are busy, busy young men as adept at doing internet research and posing as FBI agents as they are at painting devil's traps and entertaining the ladies.

Life with the Winchesters is a never-ending road trip with a great soundtrack.  The writing is remarkably good with plenty of action and surprises - and lots to ponder.  One of my favorite episodes involved the brothers getting pulled into an alternate universe - one where they were able to visit the set where the television show, Supernatural, was being filmed.  The imagination rules - and rocks - with Supernatural!

I anxiously await the arrival of season eleven at Netflix.

Carry on, wayward sons!

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