Sunday, March 13, 2016

Commies, Liars, and Gay Prostitutes

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Donald Trump, ever the magical thinker, has taken to blaming Bernie Sanders and his followers for all of the taunting and brawling at Trump rallies - rather than his own bellicosity and tendency to incite the rubes.  It's all Bernie the Communist's doing - and Trump has taken to routinely describing Sanders as a "communist' and waxing wistfully about how nice it would be to face the Senator from Vermont in the "finals."

Senator Sanders, not one to be steamrolled by a blustery and portly character like Trump, has fired back that the former reality television star and consummate windbag is a "pathological liar."

Sanders, of course, has a point, as any speech by Donald Trump sends a platoon of fact-checkers into a dangerously over-heated frenzy of activity.   Donald's disingenuous name-calling, however, harkens back to the very darkest days of the 1950's when demagogues like Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon built their political careers on labeling decent, hard-working Americans as "commies."  Now, as then, people using the term had little more than the foggiest notion of what it actually meant.

There is a state school board candidate in Texas who is gaining some national attention over comments that she has been making on Facebook.   The candidate's statements are bizarre, and, not surprisingly, she is running for office as a Republican.  Mary Lou Brenner is a sixty-eight-year-old retired kindergarten teacher who has posted on Facebook that the believes "Ahab the Arab" (President Obama) worked as a gay prostitute in New York City in his youth while living there with his gay partner - and that is how he paid for his drugs.  She said she heard it from a "reliable" source.  Ms. Brunner also believes that the Democratic Party had JFK assassinated and that the United Nations is hatching a plot to depopulate the world.  And Muslims?  Why she's against them, of course, and thinks they should be banned.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

If Donald Trump is a pathological liar, he has apparently found a warm and accepting home among his own kind.

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