Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Grandchildren Speak

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday morning in the Ozarks. 

This week, mainly because of my birthday, I was able to speak to each of my five grandchildren.   That was a rare treat.

Olive called first.  She told me she had been sick with the flu and had gone to the doctor.  She also, when prompted by me, told me that her kitty, "Rerun," was fine.  Olive asked me how old I was and I told her sixty-eight.  I turned the tables and asked her how old she was, and she piped up proudly, "I'm four!"  And she is.  Olive is going to have a baby brother this June, and we are all excited about that!

Judah and Willow phoned next from their home in Oregon.  Both children wished me a happy birthday, and Judah, who has had some speech challenges, said very clearly, "Happy birthday, Pa Rock."  He laughed as he said it.  Judah is such a happy child.  He has recently learned how to ride horses.  He likes animals - and I know that he would really enjoy getting to visit at the farm.

Sebastian phoned from Oregon that evening.  He called while I was at my Wednesday night card game, so we were able to chat for only a minute and I promised I would call back when I got home.  An hour or so later we were talking again.  Sebastian made a joke by wishing me a happy "first" birthday.  Sebastian takes karate lessons and is doing very well.

Willow got back on the phone after Sebastian got off.  She told me that she was eating a butterfly cookie.  I asked her if her mother had made it and she said "no," and that they had bought the cookies at the store.  I told her that I had bought cupcakes at the store for my birthday, and Willow replied in the cutest voice possible, "I love cupcakes!"  (So guess what Pa Rock will be bringing Willow when he goes to visit this summer!)

Boone was the last to phone in.  He has recently gotten his driver's license and a car, but the car is in the shop for some necessary maintenance.  Boone, a budding young singer and guitarist, told me that he has a "paying gig" in Neosho this Friday night - where he would perform a forty-five minute set of music.  He will also be taking his ACT this week as well as a test for placement in an Advanced English class.

All of the conversations were delightful, and they made my sixty-eighth birthday very special!  I have such wonderful children and grandchildren!

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