Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Not Name-Calling If They Really Are Fascists

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Most of the old farts in my Wednesday night card group are giddy with anticipation that Hillary will be arrested sometime during the fall campaign and made to account for being treasonous, or frumpy, or some other high crime or misdemeanor that Fox News assures them she must have committed.  The other side of that bright penny for them is that would then clear a path for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to be elected President of the United States and save the Republic from itself.

And what a country it could become.  Trump has been promising since day one that he not only would strong-arm Mexico into building the world's biggest wall along our southern border, but that he would also stop all Muslims from entering our "Christian" nation - even those who already live here, own property here, have kids in school here, attend PTA, and who just happened to be traveling outside of the country on business or vacation.   They will be BARRED from returning to their homes, their children, their lives! 

(Construction companies will grow fat building walls during a Trump administration!)

Now Ted Cruz is joining the Muslim-bashers.  The man Trump has affectionately dubbed "Lying Ted" says that as President he will increase police patrols and surveillance in Muslim neighborhoods.

God bless America, y'all.  The founding fathers would be so proud - the establishment of a full-blown police state to promote one religion over another.

I saw a report on the Internet this morning in which a person identified as a top foreign policy expert in the Cruz camp praised Senator Joe McCarthy from the 1950's communist witch-hunt fame as being "spot-on" with his ideas for ferreting out communists in all levels of government.  This particular "expert" believes that over the past administration members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been secreting themselves away in various government positions.

It can't get much scarier that the rebirth of Joe McCarthy with a Texas drawl.

If Hillary does manage to get herself arrested, it will most assuredly be America that suffers the consequences.

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