Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Coronary with a Side of Fries

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

While I may not always make the smartest nutrition choices, I do have a basic knowledge of the subject - much of it gained by necessity since my open-heart surgery three years ago.  I've lived my life in the drive-thru lane, feasted on garbage, and begun to pay the piper.  I guess that's why I am so insulted by a recent advertisement that is pouring over our local radio airwaves like so much artificial syrup over a stack of pancakes.

The ad promotes an "extra-long buttery cheeseburger," two of which can be purchased for just five dollars.  Well, hold the pickle, hold the lettuce - and shove a couple down my gullet!  The price, of course, does not include tax - nor does it include the cost of EMT responders, life-flight to a decent hospital, open-heart surgery, or follow-up cardiac rehab - just two delicious warm, buttery, extra-long cheeseburgers!

That particular burger joint  is just giving the public what it craves - along with salt-laden, buttery fries - all to be washed down with a large cup of sugar-soaked chemistry calling itself a soda.  There is a place next door that has a signature sandwich which also features double meat and double cheese, but instead of being extra-long, it is round and served on a three-part bun that is slathered with a "special" sauce.  And another nearby eating establishment, this one across the street from the other two, sells fried chicken that is awash in artery-clogging warm grease.

The advertisers tell us we want it, and the salt, sugar, and grease act as addictive agents to keep us coming back for more.

Our bodies used to be temples - now they are little more than public dumps.  My generation has made it's mistakes, but should that compel us to sit idly by while American business fattens its next herd for the hospital market?   Junk food is as dangerous and deadly as cigarettes, and its advertising should be banned.

God bless Michelle Obama for fighting this battle.

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Xobekim said...

Through my fault, through my fault, through my own most grievous fault; I confess that I too occasionally sin with the cheeseburger. Especially since the 1950’s style of this delight, cooked only if you order it, is available at the corner of Antioch & Merriam at Grand Stand Burgers. In my defense their food is not my steady diet.

That burger is to die for!