Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Presidential Primary Day in Missouri

by Pa Rock

Today is the much anticipated Presidential Primary day in Missouri - much anticipated by me at least - and within the hour I will drive to the polling place, a church, and cast my ballot for Bernie Sanders.  Missouri has an "open" primary system.  We don't registeer by parties, so I could walk in and ask for a Republican ballot and vote against Trump - or, worse yet, vote for Trump to really screw with the Grand OLD Party!   But I won't.  Voting to deny the Clintons their third term in the White House is much more important to me.

I really dislike having to vote in a church.  Would the community be as accepting of a religious polling place if it was a mosque?

So far this morning I have had emails from Bernie, Bill Clinton, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz reminding me to go vote.  Yeterday I had emails from all three of the Clintons - Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea - telling me where my polling place was located and encouraging me to cast my vote for Hillary.  I guess the old saying is true, the family that preys together really does stay together.

I also had to two text messages from local Bernie volunteers reminding me to vote.

Hillary was in the St. Louis area over the weekend, and Bernie was in Springfield on Saturday afternoon.  I was a little miffed about that because I didn't hear of his visit until Saturday morning, or I might have made plans to attend.  A Bernie volunteer from Poplar Bluff telephoned Saturday around noon asking me to commit to going to the polls on Tuesday and voting for Bernie.  I fussed at her a bit about the short notice on the Springfield visit, and she said that she hadn't learned about the visit until that morning also.  I hope it was a roaring success for the candidate and those supporters who were able to attend.

And, as an omen for a great turnout, it's a beautiful day here, warm with bright blue, cloudless skies!

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