Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Adults Take the Stage

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The Democrats held their first presidential debate of the season last night, and reports indicate that they addressed a whole slew of issues that the Republicans failed to even mention in their debates.  One commentator referred to the Democratic debate show as the "adults" finally taking the stage.

The local Howell County Democratic Club sponsored a debate watch party in the city of West Plains last night.  I had planned to attend up until about an hour before the show began, but decided at the last minute to stay home and follow the proceedings on Twitter.  It's probably the result of spending time around poultry - as the evening shadows begin for form, I start feeling the urge to roost!

Bill Clinton sent out an email during the debate, the only candidate or spouse who molested my in-box during the performance.  Bill told me how proud he was of Hillary - and then asked if I could send her a dollar.  Just one dollar - one small bit of commitment to helping him move back into the White House.

Bernie emailed this morning.  His communication said that last night's performance proved that we can win.  He would like fifteen dollars, please.

Apparently the best line of last night's production was when Bernie declared that America was sick and tired of hearing about Hillary's "damned emails," and suggested that the voting public was more concerned with income inequality and climate change.  His response brought a laugh and a "thank you" from Clinton.

Most accounts seemed to give Hillary the nod for the best debate performance of her career - but generally agreed that Bernie, in the first national debate of his career, was no slouch either.  And there were also three lesser-knowns on stage who seem to remain lesser-knowns after the curtain dropped.

After months of hearing little else than Republican paranoid delusions and the greedy twaddle of the very rich, it is heartening to know that there are others out there who seek to lead our country forward and into the light of reason.  Correcting income inequality, addressing climate change, healing the racial divide, and limiting access to guns are all much more pertinent to the survival of a free state than the GOP fixations on hate and greed.  Last night's debate showed that there are other viewpoints out there - one's that make sense in the modern world.

And while Hillary may eventually get my vote, it will be a mighty cold day in Purgatory before she gets my dollar!

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Xobekim said...

Until I read your post I never considered how limited an audience the debate may have had. We have one of those bundled cable packages where you get channels numbering into the thousands (most of which never are used). 15.3 estimated persons watched on cable. Another 980,000 saw it using a live streaming app on their mobile device or via Apple TV.

No broadcast television. No radio. Shades of November 8, 1960; how far we've come since Tricky Dick beat John Kennedy on the radio while JFK trounced the Vice President on the televised version of the debate.

Broadcast from a CBS studio, moderated by Howard K. Smith, with a panel from both CBS and NBC, an estimated 70 million persons watched the debate. Back then America had an equal time rule. We were not inundated with months of divisive, derogatory, demonizing advertisements.

But in 2015 no radio?