Friday, October 9, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel Like the Primary Season

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Hillary Clinton seems to have had a very good week in the race to succeed her old boss, Barack Obama, in the Oval Office.  After Kevin McCarthy bragged to Fox entertainer Sean Hannity that Republicans had been using the Benghazi hearings primarily to cripple the Clinton campaign, Hillary's people turned that rare nugget of Republican honesty into a barrage of new political advertisements.  McCarthy was not able to recover from his gaffe, and yesterday he withdrew from the race to replace John Boehner as the next Speaker of the House.

Now that she has the Benghazi thing on the run, Mrs. Clinton has time to focus on her Democratic opposition.  Bernie Sanders has raised a huge pile of cash, primarily from small donations of $200 or less, and looks as though he might beat the former Secretary of State in the two early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Even so, Clinton seems to be ignoring him and focusing her fire instead on Vice President Biden,  a possible entrant into the race who has yet to declare and has almost no campaign cash on hand.   Reports indicate that Hillary surrogates are busy scurrying through the cesspools and sewers in and around Washington, DC, (their comfort zone), looking for any sludge that will stick to the genial Joe Biden.

Raul Grijalva, a Democratic congressman from southern Arizona, sent out an email today endorsing Bernie Sanders for President as a "matter of conscience."  Grijalva, one of my favorite Arizona Democrats, said, in part:

"I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for president today.  This is a matter of conscience for me.  I cannot sit on the sidelines when our country faces so many challenges, and there is one candidate who I believe will fight for the bold changes we need.  Bernie Sanders is fighting for a populist economic agenda to reign in economic inequality, ensure the richest among us contribute their fair share, and ensure the government works for every single American"

Claire McCaskill, a United States Senator and one of my least favorite Missouri Democrats, seems to have had a drastic change in her political religion over the past decade and is now pimping for the Clintons.  McCaskill, who once famously said that she would not let her daughter anywhere near Bill Clinton and who supported Obama over Hillary in 2008, is now begging cash for Team Hillary.  Does Claire sense a cabinet position or an ambassadorship in her future?

The first Democratic debate is scheduled for next Tuesday evening - and I plan on viewing it at a watch party in town.  There is no way it will match the galloping insanity of the Republican debates, but it should be entertaining, nonetheless.  And, with Democrats, there is even a chance that it might be educational.

The big race is about to kick into gear!

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