Saturday, October 31, 2015

GOP Candidates to Trick-or-Treat as Spoiled Children of Privilege

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It's not really much of a stretch.  The leaders of the Republican Party, particularly those vying for the party's presidential nomination, are all decked out in their Halloween finery - and this year they have all chosen to be the same character:  a whiney-assed, highly temperamental teenager who will do what he (or she) has to do in order to be noticed and have the whole world cater to him (or her).

Good manners be damned - and don't look to this field of contenders for any examples of fairness.  This is the big show, and it's all about me, me, me, me, ME!

I didn't watch last Wednesday's Republican debate that CNBC hosted - nor either of the two previous ones - but I have enjoyed listening to the follow-ups when the establishment news goes to great pains to tell ordinary Americans what actually happened on the stage during the performance.   Apparently many on stage felt that too much was expected from them on Wednesday.  At some point the moderators from CNBC cut from the standard fluff and started asking questions that required thoughtful responses.

"Unfair!"  hooted the trolls in the studio audience.   "Unfair," shouted spoiled child of privilege (and party chair) Reince Priebus.  CNBC was obviously picking on those dilettantes on stage who thought they possessed the personal grit to lead the free world - but shouldn't have to answer hard questions.

Republicans understand two things quite well:  The powers of capitalism and the sweetness of retribution.  Priebus called around to some of the campaigns and said that he was thinking about punishing NBC (the parent of CNBC) by taking the next scheduled debate away from NBC.  When he met with no opposition, he did just that.  Losing the debate will cost NBC big bucks - and it was also a blow to the major network's self-esteem.

Priebus's action was a show of force on the part of the Republican Party.  Play ball our way - or you won't play ball at all - at least not with us.  But some in the party, and especially some associated with the individual campaigns, want to go further.  They want the candidates to have a veto power over the individual moderators.

Hand-picked moderators ought to make for some really enlightened "debates."  You betcha, they would!

Others are suggesting that the whiney-candidates go straight to their comfort corners and bring in Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to moderate the remainder of the phony debate schedule.  I kind of like that idea - and they could dress the process up a bit by having Sarah Palin march across the stage after each commercial with a big numbered sign to let the crowd know what round they were about to see.

When it comes to class, nobody does it better than Republicans.

Happy Halloween!

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