Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Judging a Politician by the Size of His Green Room

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

If you are a Republican political hack vying for recognition and a bit of self-respect in their circus of a nomination race - size matters, boy howdy does size ever matter!  Republicans, being the spawn of Wall Street vultures, measure everything by cost, grandness, and ultimately size.  

The Grand Old Party is having another of its "debates" tonight, and, as per usual, they can't even get on stage before loosing their regal indignation on America in general and their opposition in particular.  The sponsor of tonight's debates (CNBC, I think) apparently stepped in a big, pungent pile of elephant poop when assigning "green rooms" to the various, and plentiful, esteemed debaters.

As the story goes, some of the candidates were given green rooms (preparation spaces) that were spacious and nice, while others were assigned areas that were thinly disguised restrooms.  Donald Trump, the grandest of the Grand Old Party's candidates, was awarded the grandest room in which to practice his most grand finger-pointing and yelling prior to going on stage, while the party's other master blowhard, Chris Christy, has been assigned a room in which the central focus is a toilet bowl.  (Libertarian wunderkind Rand Paul is reportedly also doing his debate preparations in a restroom stall.)

The indignity of it all!   There are people preparing to enter into serious debates this evening who have the intellectual heft of a George W. Bush or a Sarah Palin - and their brilliance will undoubtedly be dimmed by their exposure to shoddy dressing rooms.

It just isn't fair!

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