Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guns Cause Crime

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I've told the story in this space before, perhaps multiple times, about someone trying to break into my dad's home one time while he was out of town for a few days.  Dad's place was fairly secure and the culprit did not gain entry, but the signs were there that a serious attempt had been made.   My dad's "stuff" was commonplace - old and chipped - and he didn't keep cash in the house.  I asked him what he had that a thief would want.  His reply was immediate:  "My guns."

He kept guns for protection, and one was found under his pillow the night he died - at the age of eighty-five.   Dad believed the big lie that guns make a person safer - when they really just make him a target.

Another older fellow in my hometown had his sleep interrupted one night when a drunk managed to break into his home.  The old coot grabbed his gun and prepared to confront the home invader.  Before he could shoot, the drunk took the gun away from him and left the premises.   The cops arrived a few minutes later and found the villainous drunk asleep in the homeowner's car curled around the gun.  The homeowner and his wife could have easily been killed because they had a gun.

And then there are the thousands and thousands of cases where children have been shot in their homes by guns owned by their parents.   And the thousands and thousands of cases where adults in the home - and even police officers responding to calls - have been shot in domestic violence situations.  Very rarely was one of those weapons purchased with the intent of killing somebody, but hey, if a kid is curious, or dad or mom is stumbling around in a drunken rage, then, as Jeb Bush would put it, stuff happens.

I heard a story on the radio yesterday about a young man who broke into a pawnshop in a small southwest Missouri town.  He smashed several glass cases that contained guns, and managed to make off with more than ten thousand dollars in weapons.  (He was later apprehended due to a surveillance camera.)

The West Plains Daily Quill featured a story and photo on its front page a few days ago showing the haul of locally stolen goods that had been recovered by a special police undercover unit.  The merchandise was arranged on a large table.  It included five electric guitars and a large assortment of guns:  pistols, rifles, rifles with scopes, and one automatic weapon with an attached magazine.

Keep buying those guns, folks.  Jesus may not love you, but Wayne LaPierre, Ted Nugent, and America's criminal class certainly do!

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