Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Stuff" Seldom Happens to the Privileged

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Jeb Bush, while speaking through his pampered white ass earlier this week, minimized and marginalized the horrific mass murder at a college in Oregon by noting simply that "stuff happens."  It was just a shooting, no big deal - and certainly no reason to even think about limiting easy access to guns in America.

Jeb can spout that crap because he is a son of privilege, and stuff seldom happens to him and his class.  Jeb and his friends live in gated communities, areas where the poor and people of color have no business even passing through - unless they serve as domestics and cook, clean, or drive for their betters.  Jeb and his friends drive around (or are driven around) in fancy cars with tinted windows, and they often have people employed whose sole function in life is to keep them safe.  America's privileged class seldom puts on uniforms and goes to war - but they wear flag lapel pins, carry Bibles, and are as patriotic as hell.

Finish your thought, Jeb:  Stuff happens - to suckers!

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Don said...

Right on, Rock!

However, it's beginning to look like the Koch brothers, still having the bundles of cash originally earmarked for Scott Walker, will spend it on someone beside Jeb. Just who remains a mystery.