Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me

by Pa Rock
A Man in Pain

I am back in Kansas City, but just for one night.   Tim and I spent the afternoon at Research Hospital, the place where Harry Truman went to die.  Our mission was to discuss my continuing shoulder pain with a neurosurgeon.

The young man and his physician's assistant, a young lady, were both extremely competent and very nice.  They examined all of my records and helped to develop a plan for defeating this lingering pain that has interfered with my sleep and friendly disposition for longer than I care to recount here.  Long story short, I will be having some surgery at the end of the month which will probably correct the situation, and hopefully make a new man of me - perhaps one that looks more like George Clooney.

I had a bit of fun by informing the two young medical people that Harry Truman had died at their facility.  The doctor said that he had heard that Truman had been treated there, but that no one connected to the hospital had ever told him that Truman died there.

Hey, Governor Nixon, I think an event of that magnitude calls for an historical marker!  But please wait until after I've had my surgery before you get someone to deliver it!

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Mineko said...

I belieave that you are in care of good hands. Let us trust that the surgery will alleviate your pain. Please take care. My best to your children and family.