Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Next Big Conspiracy Theory

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Twitter was aflame for awhile last night with an interesting conspiracy theory regarding he Malaysian passenger airliner that disappeared a couple of days ago somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.  The Boeing 777 carrying 239 people, four of whom were Americans, went silent while in flight between Malaysia and Vietnam.  Forty planes, including some from the U.S. military, have been searching the area, but so far there have no sightings of debris in the mighty Pacific.

There has been some chatter about two of the passengers who apparently boarded the flight with stolen passports, but no official accusations of terrorism have been made by any government entity.

The lack of a government finger to point, however, does not deter us Twitter freaks.  Last night the tweets were flying fast and furious.  The mystery had been solved by somebody - though by whom is, in itself, a mystery.  That huge plane did not go down in the ocean, and the governments of the world know that it did not crash, or disintegrate in mid-air, or suffer any major mechanical calamity.  The passenger jet was hijacked and taken to North Korea where the passengers are being held captive by Kim Jung Un - and perhaps Dennis Rodman as well!

And our government knows exactly what is going on.  And the mainstream media knows what is going on.  And no one is talking!

It's a conspiracy - bigger than the Kennedy assassination(s), far more real than the fake moon landing, more titillating than Monica Lewinsky's stained blue dress, better organized than the phony 9-11 terrorism show, more deadly than the WMD that couldn't be found in Iraq, and slightly more sinister than Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate.  Hell, it's even bigger than Benghazi!

This situation just begs for a big, fat, expensive Darrell Issa investigation.  Surely the extremely rich California congressman can find some way to blame the whole thing on Obama, or better yet - Hillary! And John McCain, who once flew jets over the Pacific, could prattle on about it for months and months on the Sunday talk shows!

This is big, folks - really big!

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Don said...

Relying on you to carry the ball of this one. The safety of the skies could depend on the Twitterverse!