Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Of Mongrels and Trained Apes: Republican Racism Rolls On

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This week Donald Rumsfield, an unindicted war criminal, made news when he declared (to Fox, of course) that a "trained ape" could get a status of forces agreement with Afghanistan.  The unspoken implication was that because the Obama administration has not gotten a status of forces agreement with Afghanistan, the President of the United States and his team are therefore less competent than a trained ape.

The key word, the one that Runsfield wanted heard, was "ape."  Ape, monkey, Sambo, Obama.  Never forget, America, he's different - at least different from the people who watch Fox.

Last month Ted Nugent, an aging rocker whose service to America has been less than stellar, (in fact, it has stinked, stank, stunk - like a pair of crap-filled jeans), referred to the President as a "mongrel."  Mongrel, not a pure breed, white mother, black father, African, Sambo, Obama.

And then there was the federal judge from Montana, a Republican, who sent out an email "joke" which had a punchline suggesting that the President's mother had sex with dogs.  (Maybe that's where Nugent got the idea for his "mongrel" line.)

The President is different, America, and certain people must keep reminding us that he's different in plain name-calling, image-creating terms - because they aren't bright enough to attack his intellect.

Mr. Runsfield, it's a shame that you or your boss didn't have the services of a trained ape a dozen years ago.  A thoughtful hairy primate might have kept us out of you're never-ending war!

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