Sunday, March 9, 2014

My First House Guest

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My son, Nick, and his son, Boone, spent the day at my house helping to get organized.  We unpacked boxes, and shuffled stuff from room to room, down to the basement, and out to the garage.  We must have accomplished quite a bit, because it is now possible to walk across the house without tripping over boxes at every turn.  I am beginning to get the feel for how the place is going to go together - and it is a good feeling.

This evening Boone and I went grocery shopping and then had dinner at a really good Chinese restaurant, and tonight he is staying over - my very first house guest!

Tomorrow will be focused on more unpacking and getting the living room furniture organized.  Things are much less chaotic than when I arrived on Wednesday, and the end appears to be in sight.   That is good because I still have to get my 2013 tax preparation done, and then there is the all important task of getting my order for baby chicks ready!  Being retired is truly a demanding lifestyle!

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