Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The End of an Error: Brewer Bows Out

by Pa Rock
Recent Arizonan

If a state can have a bowel movement, Arizona is about to experience a doozy!

Governor Jan Brewer announced today that she will not seek re-election this year, thus clearing the way for a tumultuous primary battle with a squad of other Republican nincompoops who will be slinging mud and javelina manure at each other in a grand effort to keep Arizona crazy.

Actually, poor old Jan could not have run anyway, so her decision not to is meaningless.  The Arizona constitution, which was written by God, decrees that no individual can serve more than two terms as governor.  Jan came into office when our last real governor, Janet Napolitano, resigned the office to become Secretary of Homeland Security.  Brewer served the remainder of that term and was then elected to a full term.  For the past year Governor Brewer has been yapping like a feral Maryvale chihuahua that the first term did not count because it was not "her" term and she did not serve the entire term.

She yapped, and yapped, and yapped - but a groundswell of public support never arose, so today the astute politician chose to magnanimously decline to run for re-election.

(I did see a trial balloon floated on the Internet this morning suggesting that Governor Brewer might now focus on running for President.  Please God, let that happen!)

In addition to all of the Arizona nincompoops trying to elbow their way into the governor's office, Hollywood has-been Steven Seagal also indicated that he would like to be governor of Arizona.  Seagal, who once killed an innocent dog with Joe Arpaio's military tank, would make a colorful candidate and help to insure Arizona's continuing place as a national laughingstock.

Break out the root beer and popcorn.  It looks like it's gearing up to be a fun summer in the Scorpion State!


Xobekim said...

In 1968 Gene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy ran against the war policies of LBJ. LBJ became President when JFK was killed in Dallas, and served out the balance of JFK's term. LBJ was elected to his first term in 1964. He was expected to run in 1968 for his second term.

At least Jan got the legal reasoning right this time. Perhaps like LBJ, with her party dividing into opposing factions, she too realizes that victory no longer remains at hand.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Reply to Xobekim:

I remember 1968 and the state of euphoria that swept the college campuses when LBJ announced his intent not to run for re-election. I thought, and I may be wrong on this - as I often am, that he was permitted the third term because he inherited less than half a term from Kennedy - and that if he had inherited more than half a term, it would have counted as a full term and he would not have been eligible to run.

Brewer inherited less than half a term from Napolitano, but the local political critters in Arizona seemed fairly intent in their conviction that she was not eligible - apparently interpreting the state constitution to count any part of a term as a full term.

I've not read the Arizona Constitution, so admittedly do not know that of which I am discussing, but Brewer made all of the appropriate noises about wanting another term - and she is not one to be bullied - so I strongly suspect she banged her head on a constitutional limitation.

But ding-dong, she's going, and somebody else gets a turn at trying to control the flying monkeys of the Arizona legislature, and that what's important!