Thursday, March 13, 2014

Everything But a Talking Pig

by Pa Rock
Country Squire

Now that enough sorting and unpacking has been accomplished to at least have created paths through every room, I have begun to take advantage of the spring-like weather and sneak outside on occasion.

Today I put up a bird feeder that had remained unused since one of my kids gave it to me several years ago.  As of this evening, the birds still hadn't found it, but I suspect that by the time I get outside in the morning, it will be cafe central.  I also put up two squirrel feeders - the type where an ear of corn is screwed onto a small wooden platform that is screwed to a tree.  The ones I put up are very simple and look as though they could easily be constructed for under two dollars each - even using new wood.  The two I bought - the only two in town except possibly for Walmart - were fifteen dollars each!   Making squirrel feeders will likely be my next career move.

Yesterday was a bit cold, but otherwise the weather has been surprisingly pleasant.   I heard geese flying over last evening, presumably heading north.    So far there have been no deer sightings, but I am going to put out a salt block on the back five.

A neighborhood cat came through a couple of days ago, and Boone and I saw her run into the barn.  The neighbor told me that the cat was his, and she was out scouting for a place to have kittens.    And, as long as I am focused on animal tales, a neighborhood dog has been by to see me three times today.  He is a medium-sized black and white mutt who reportedly roams several miles a day and appears to be exceptionally street smart.  The first time he came by he barked and kept his distance, but by the third visit he was trying to get in the house.

Animals like me.

I have stopped by two of the local feed stores and learned the process for ordering baby chicks.  Their big order day is in two weeks, with delivery in mid-April.  Surprisingly, guineas aren't available through their supplier.  Guineas are great for patrolling the yard and eating insects, and they are also an amazing outdoor alarm system who put up quite a racket when their sleep is disturbed in the evenings.  Guineas are reportedly uncommon out here, but I will have a dozen or so even if I have to order directly from a national supplier.

The trash service has been set up, the satellite television service hooked up, and I am beginning to learn my way around town.  I think this retirement thing is going to work.

That's what's happening at Green Acres!  

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