Saturday, March 29, 2014

PBS and NPR, Ozarks Style

by Pa Rock
Ozarks Resident

Everyday I discover more things that make me feel like I made a good decision in retiring back to the Ozarks, but there are some drawbacks, and those are also becoming apparent.

The two biggest disappointments I have encountered so far are the public television station and the National Public Radio outlet.  As someone who has moved several times over the past few years, I know that the quality of these services varies greatly from community to community, but usually one or the other is at least acceptable.  That is barely the case here.

Both services, the public radio and television, originate in Springfield and are associated with Missouri State University.  The television station offers some standard public television fare, but it also extends to programs that lean toward being info-mercials:  Suze Orman, for example.   The biggest shortcoming, at least to my way of thinking, is that it doesn't carry any of the wonderful British comedies that appear on many PBS stations.

The worst National Public Radio station that I had experienced prior to moving here was the one in Nashville, Tennessee.  You would think that "Music City" would have a wealth of local artists and tunes from which to populate its airwaves, but that station instead played classical music all day long - and it wasn't even good classical music.  So dry, so boring.

The local NPR station here also focuses on classical music, hours and hours of second-tier classical music.  (By comparison, my local station in Phoenix,  played jazz every evening - something far more pleasurable and much less pretentious that this faux-sophisticated Ozarks fare.)

Fortunately, there is a radio alternative:  Nights with Alice Cooper!

I'll survive!

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Tim said...

If you end up getting Sirius for your home they have some NPR stations that are a little better--more variety.