Sunday, March 2, 2014

500 Miles of Snow

by Pa Rock
Traveling Fool

I woke up this morning in Stratford, Texas, and discovered the ground was white with an inch or so of snow.  It was tempting to go back to bed, but after checking out the television weather forecast, I decided to head north toward Kansas City and see how far I could get.  Fortunately, I did not encounter any more falling snow, but what was already on the ground blew back and forth across the road all day.  The interstates were clear, but most of the small towns that I drove through had snow-packed roads and required careful navigating.  I made it to my son's house near Kansas City after a hard day on the road.

There are three or four inches of snow on the ground in the Kansas City area.  Tim said this is the coldest day ever recorded locally in the month of March.

Southern Missouri has suffered ice and sleet followed by snow.  It may be several more days before I can get to my new home.

The Midwest has had quite a winter, and now I am part of it.  I blame all of the recent bad weather on a groundhog in Pennsylvania who shall remain nameless!

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Don said...

Not to worry! Warm weather is only two or three months away.