Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Republican Destruction of Government Marches On

by Pa Rock
Non-Essential Government Employee

This is day two of the GOP shutdown of the federal government, and my first full day away from work.  I didn't go to the local McDonald's for my customary oatmeal breakfast this morning, so this ridiculous Republican snit fit cost that business a few dollars, and it will keep costing them every day that the nonsense continues.  Most of the time I have lunch at the Sonic Drive-In just outside of the base.  That has ended, too.  With the loss of income, it becomes a necessity to eat at home.    This weekend I will not visit the local bookstore, or take in a movie at the multi-plex  down the road.  I am also getting ready to cut back on my cable selections.

And I suspect that the other 799,999 furloughed government employees are making similar decisions.

The teabagger wing of the Republican Party had the stated goal of defunding, or delaying and then defunding, the Affordable Care Act.   That, of course, won't happen, but they may very well succeed at screwing up the nation's economy - an outcome that many of the baggers will view with satisfaction and pride.

Right now it appears that one man holds the key to ending the craziness.  All House Speaker John Boehner has to do to resolve the situation is to bring a clean continuing resolution to keep funding the government to the floor of the House.  Several members of Boehner's own party, the GOP, are pushing to bring the clean continuing resolution (one that doesn't take the Affordable Care Act hostage) to the floor and get the government back in operation.

But Boehner is concerned with his survival as Speaker.  News flash, John - it ain't a-gonna happen, regardless of what you do or don't do to end this mess.   You, sir, are already toast.

The anarchists of the Republican Party in the House, those who openly want government to fail, recognize Boehner as a spineless wimp whose sole focus in life seems to be maintaining his cushy job with its cushy digs, and playing golf at every conceivable opportunity.  Many, though not all, held their esteemed noses and helped to vote him in as Speaker when the new Congress assembled and organized in January of 2013.  They won’t make that mistake again. 

If Boehner seeks re-election to his sad post, the firebrands who have grown amazingly brazen in wielding threats and intimidation, will threaten to either sit on their hands during the vote, or vote for someone else.  They will insist on someone of their ilk leading the House, someone with a big, thick spine and skull - and a world view filtered through Fox News

The horror!  The horror!

The good news for the rest of us is that this domestic terrorism currently being exercised by the teabagger Republicans in Congress is likely to cost them dearly in the next election.  They would be far better served by leaving the economy alone and concentrating on the next election  - but let’s not tell them that.   Speaker Pelosi will bang that point home with her big gavel when the House re-organizes in January of 2015!

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