Thursday, October 24, 2013

Demon Doggie Euthanized in Texas

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Elaine Buchhorn’s son found an eleven-week-old puppy, a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, near their San Antonio area apartment building several weeks ago.  Ms. Buchhorn, an animal lover who has rescued dogs in the past, took the pup to a veterinarian to make sure that he was well and safe to be around her other two dogs and her two-year-old granddaughter.  The vet gave the little fellow a clean bill of health.  The puppy turned out to be quite sociable.

She named the new arrival “Baby George.”

Ms. Buchhorn eventually had to turn Baby George over to the New Branfels Humane Society shelter because her apartment house had a limit of two dogs per unit.  She was hopeful that the shelter would be able to find an adoptive home for the little mutt.  As she left the little dog at the shelter, she made a request that they contact her before euthanizing it – should that become necessary.  She said that if problems developed, she would reclaim the little dog and find a home for him herself.

That was October 11th.  Ms. Buchhorn said that she called the shelter daily to check on Baby George, and no one ever expressed any concerns to her regarding the puppy.  Yet, they had concerns.  The pup apparently snapped at someone at the shelter, an act which prevented the organization, per its policies, from even placing him up for adoption.  The little dog was euthanized on October 14th.

The shelter’s Facebook page referred to Baby George as having “unknown demons.”

A complaint has been filed with the New Braunfels Police Department by another area resident who said, “A puppy doesn’t turn at 11-weeks-old.  He hasn’t turned into anything because he is still becoming a dog.  He is still playing.  If he does get a little aggressive, you use a low, firm voice and say ‘no.’   You don’t kill him.”

Elaine Buchhorn is also considering filing a lawsuit over the death of Baby George.

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Xobekim said...

Sounds like the shelter had its good judgment exorcised.