Sunday, October 6, 2013

GOP Shutdown Begins to Fizzle

by Pa Rock
Non-Essential Government Employee

The cruel and completely needless Republican shutdown of our government appears to be fizzling out. The bogus "shutdown," which never actually brought government to a screeching halt, began last Tuesday with all kinds of exemptions to insure that much of government did not stop.

Today I learned (through about a dozen text messages and a phone call from my boss) that our office will be back on-line and fully staffed tomorrow.  (I am still in San Diego and will be on leave until Wednesday.)  The whole thing seems to have begun with a bang and ended with a whimper.

Secretary of Defense Hagel, a remarkable good person, made a ballsy decision to bring Department of Defense civilians back to work.  That was much appreciated, sir.  

Now let's get everyone else back to work.  You've lost this one, Orange John.  It's time to lick it up and move on!

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