Sunday, October 27, 2013

Preparing to Farm

by Pa Rock
Digger of Dirt

October will end later this week, leaving me just four more months of living in the desert.  Sometime during the first week in March of next year I will be pulling up to my little farm in the Ozarks and unpacking into retirement life.  It has been a long time coming, but now that retirement is in sight, I am finding the anticipation to be almost unbearable.

So I sit in the desert trying to prepare myself to hit the ground running when I am finally home in the peaceful green world of southern Missouri.  My new business cards reflecting my retirement address have arrived, and I catch myself staring wistfully at them trying to make the time go faster.  I also have one room filled with empty packing boxes - got to get started on that chore.  It's never too early to begin packing!

The Burpee Seed Catalogue has been ordered and when it arrives I will dedicate a few hours to researching and making some preliminary decisions about what will go into my little garden.  The Murray McMurray Hatchery Catalogue is already here.  I know that I want about twenty laying hens (probably Rhode Island Reds), a couple of roosters (for noise and antics), and three or four bronze-breasted turkeys.  I will also invest in some guineas to keep the bugs down and to send up an alarm in the event of late-night intruders, and probably a couple of geese - depending on the state of the pond.

Murray McMurray and the local feed store will be big fans of mine!

I have also purchased a book on composting with worms, an interesting concept that has multiple environmental positives.

Retirement should reflect life at a calmer pace, but learning to slow down may take awhile!

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