Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey, Cher, I'll Meet You in St. Louis!

by Pa Rock
Cher Fan

The thing I will miss most when I move back to the Ozarks - in fact, probably the only thing that I will regret about vacating the Valley of Hell - will be the wonderful live theatre.  I have tickets for two classic shows in the next two weeks:  The Importance of Being Earnest and The Thirty-Nine Steps.  Of the couple of dozen theatrical productions that I have seen since arriving in Phoenix, only a couple have been less than stellar.

It will be more challenging to find good theatre venues around West Plains, Missouri.  The community has a little theatre that reportedly does good work, but for truly professional live theatre I will have to travel a hundred miles to Springfield, or two hundred miles or more to Kansas City or St. Louis.  I am sure that I will be doing that occasionally.

(They do get creative in the Ozarks.   I remember going to a traveling production of Neil Simon's Star Spangled Girl at a campground on a riverbank thirty years ago.   A related activity was audience members passing around cans of mosquito spray during the performance!)

One item, a concert, has already made it onto my Missouri calendar.  My youngest son is making arrangements for me to go to St. Louis in June to see Cher in her most recent farewell tour.  I have been a big fan of hers for almost half-a-century.

One of my most vivid Cher memories is of her television show in the early seventies after she and Sonny divorced.  Her guests that night were Tina Turner and Anthony Newley.  The three of them did an astounding, rock-out performance of Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show.  I would love to have that on tape.  (I am also a super fan of Tina Turner!)

(I told Tim once that if he ever made it to the Academy Awards, I wanted to go if he could get me placed at Cher's table.  He replied that he might be able to get me in the same building as Chaz, but probably not at the same table with Cher.)

Tim has redeemed himself by helping me to get a good seat at the concert in St. Louis!  

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