Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Tough Car

by Pa Rock
Non-Essential Government Employee

Day Three:  The Republican shutdown of our nation's government continues.   Today I ate breakfast and lunch at home, did not buy my standard Mega-Millions lottery ticket, and put off getting an already overdue haircut.  Also today the DOW slipped beneath 15,000 for the first time in weeks.  Believe it or not, there once was a time when Republicans were thought to be pro-business!

I did make a trip across Phoenix today to pick up my sister at the airport.  She and I will be driving to San Diego tomorrow morning to see our sweet Aunt Mary - and wade in the Pacific Ocean.  I parked at a commercial lot close to the airport, and after boarding the shuttle, I noticed that I did not have my car keys.  I got off of the shuttle and walked back to where my car was parked, securely locked with the keys in plain view on the driver's seat.

My insurance company sent a locksmith who arrived quickly.  The young man pulled up in what appeared to be his personal car with a magnetic sign on the door that assured me he was a locksmith.  He had the look of an experienced car thief, and was sporting an abundance of very artful tattoos. - so I assumed that I had the right man for the job.   But, all was not as it appeared.  The fellow had a very difficult time breaking into and entering my car.  In fact, it took him almost an hour to get the job done.  He never did spring the lock, but was finally able to snag the keys with the glorified coat-hanger that appeared to be the only burglary tool in his kit.  He told me that mine was the toughest car he had ever tackled.

And just what is my impregnable vehicle?  A 2005 Saturn Vue.

And what did I remember late this evening that would have been nice to know this afternoon.  Why, that would be the spare car key in the magnetic key box that I put on the underside of my car back when I bought it!  It's still there.

The mind goes first!

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