Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fun with Dick and Liz

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Liz Cheney, Darth Vader’s evil spawn, wants to be a United States Senator so badly that she is challenging an incumbent (and conservative) Republican senator who has done nothing to earn either her or the GOP’s ire.  Some might see that as being a bit overly-ambitious, or at least impolite.  But hey, she is a Cheney, after all, and if she wants to become a senator, Mike Enzi should just be a gentleman and get the hell out of her way.

Predictably, Ms. Cheney, the consummate Washington insider, is running as a Washington outsider.  (Being a disgusted on-looker hankering to clean up Congress is currently all the rage in tea-bagger land.)   As she crouches and takes aim from beyond the circled wagons, she is validated to an extent because some of the saner Republicans (probably an oxymoron) have stepped forward to defend and endorse Senator Enzi. 

Snarling Lizzie has begun referring to these traitors to the Cult of Darth, people like John McCain and Olympia Snowe, as “liberal” Republicans.  Okay, maybe Olympia Snowe was blessed with a brain at birth, but to call John McCain a liberal is rolling-on-the-floor laughable!  If McCain ever displayed any liberal tendencies back here in Arizona, Joe Arpaio would lock him up and throw away the key!

(Would John McCain’s prison guards in Hanoi have regarded him as a liberal?  Would Dick Cheney, sitting safely at home with multiple deferments during the Vietnam War, have dared to call the Navy fighter pilot a liberal?  McCain, a liberal?  The mind boggles!)

Stand your ground, Lizzie, sling that mud and take no prisoners.    Never shirk from your duties to the Inquisition, and keep a healthy supply of silver bullets and wooden stakes handy because liberals are out there – they really do exist!  Spend all of the cash that your Daddy’s cronies can muster in your Holy War against reason.     Your doomed crusade and all of its attendant craziness is good for the economy of Wyoming and makes wonderful fodder for the late-night comics – and it can’t be hurting the Democratic Party, either!

You go, girl!

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Don said...

ROCK that boat, bro!!