Sunday, October 13, 2013

Red Meat Weekend

by Pa Rock
Struggling Fry Cook

Last week I found a pair of nice-looking, small, boneless steaks on sale at Ralph's Pretty-Good-But-Overpriced Family Grocery.  I can burn a steak on the grill to the point of just barely being inedible, but beyond that I am rather clueless on how to handle good cuts of meat.

Friday evening I was talking to my son, Tim, on the phone when I mentioned the steaks.  I told him that my toaster oven has a setting for "broil" and wondered if it would work for steaks.  Tim didn't know, but said if I tried it and it worked, perhaps I should blog and brag about my adventures in cooking.

I lined the little pan in the toaster oven with copious amounts of tin foil, seasoned the steaks with the handiest spices in the cabinet, turned the dial to "broil," and let her rip.  After about four cycles with the timer, the steaks looked and smelled like they were ready to eat.  They were tender and delicious!  The entire episode was probably nothing more than a lucky accident that I will never be able to repeat, but I did manage to get one exceptionally good meal out of the effort.

Yesterday as I walked through Costco, still savoring the steaks from the night before, I found myself drawn to the meat counter.  I wound up buying a big double roast that cost about what I used to pay for rent back in the seventies.  This morning at 6:00 a.m. I loaded the very big roast and several small, golden potatoes (halved) into the crock pot.   I seasoned the meat and potatoes liberally with several odds and ends from the cabinet and then doused the whole thing with A-1 Sauce.  Nine hours later I had another wonderful red-meat meal with enough leftovers get me through next week.

I am sure that my nephew, Reed Smith (who has a college degree in meat science), would have found both experiences to be cringe-worthy, but somehow they worked out.  Perhaps I will be able to survive retirement on my own - just me, a  good farm dog, a couple of dozen chickens - and a microwave in case I want to try my hand at baking a pie!

I can't wait to find out!

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Xobekim said...

When you get the bullet smoker complete your cooking essentials will be at 100%. The bonus is that you can get wood in abundance in southern Missouri!