Friday, March 15, 2013

Will Portman Shows his Dad How to Man-Up

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Will Portman is a twenty-one-year-old junior at Yale University.  He is the son of Rob Portman, a Republican U.S, Senator from Ohio - and he is also gay.  Young Portman came out to his parents two years ago, and they were accepting of the news in a loving manner as all parents should be.

Daddy Portman, the senator, kept the news of his son's sexual orientation within the family (and out of the press) all through the 2012 election cycle - which was essentially a Republican hate fest.  Daddy was on Mitt Money's short list of possible vice-presidential picks and apparently did not want to detract from Mitt's message with a family matter.  Daddy also had a voting record of opposition to gay rights in general, and opposition to gay marriage in particular.

But then the election came and went, and Mitt washed out to sea in his yacht while valiantly yelling about the 47%, self-deportation, and the curative powers of dancing horses.  Four long months came and went after the election and today, finally, Daddy Portman manned-up and stepped boldly into the modern world.  The senator announced that he has had a change of heart and now supports gay marriage.  He said that he has spent twenty-six years in a loving and committed relationship with his wife, and he wants all three of his children to have that same opportunity.

(He may have also glanced at a few national polls.)

It's good to know that we are never too old to learn from our children!

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Xobekim said...

I am sure it is just a spurious correlation, but with Portman being on the short list for the Veep pick and having a gay child and Cheney having been Veep and having a gay child, well it is at least a strange coincidence; Especially since they gained traction for their anti-gay animus.