Saturday, March 2, 2013

Abating Anger and Adjusting Attitude in Arizona

by Pa Rock

A friend commented yesterday that he had heard someone remark that "Rock has been reduced to writing movie reviews."

Guilty as charged.  Tonight I had planned to bang out a few comments about a movie that my son Tim and I saw yesterday.  It was a clever road trip movie called "Identity Thief" starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy - and it was very funny (although many of the "professional" critics were not as kind in their remarks and ratings).  And that's basically all you need to know - the movie is worth the money, and the popcorn probably isn't.

I have focused on writing about books, plays, movies, and even the odd television show since returning to the States for a couple of reasons.  I post something on this blog every day, and there are always times when coming up with a new outrage to vent about presents a challenge.  The easiest target, for me at least, is politics, but political stories began drying up after last November's election.

Yes, living in Arizona does provide a never-ending stream of political absurdities, but wading through that crap becomes tiresome, and it always serves to bring me down.  Tonight, for example, I could write about the bill in the Arizona legislature that would permit the Scorpion State to mint its own coins.  These sandbillies are still having wet dreams about bringing back the gold standard.  If everyone in the state, except the "illegals" of course, had plenty of automatic weapons, a stockpile of food, bags of gold and silver, and maybe a drone or two, what a wonderful world it would be!

I used to find that reactionary garbage to be amusing, but now it just makes me sad and angry that I live around so many people who are so dumb - and dangerous.  So instead of writing about the attempt to recall Joe Arpaio - or how pissed off and dramatic Jan Brewer and Paul Babeu are over the Feds releasing elderly and disabled undocumented immigrants from government holding pens to save money - I often make a conscious choice to write about books and movies and plays.  Those are the places that I go to hide and avoid the Arizona madness.

I have met some really great people in Arizona - scattered among the gun-toting, race-baiting cretins who strive to control our government, our thoughts, and our bedrooms - and, in fact, the good guys are increasing in number and one day may take the state back from the forces of darkness.  But the bad guys, the ones who provide so much to write about, make me angry - and anger is unhealthy.  As I strive to consciously improve my health and my attitude, I will occasionally ignore the idiots and focus instead sharing my thoughts on literature and entertainment, things that provide me comfort.

I am surviving in Arizona.  Bear with me.

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Xobekim said...

On the other hand, I would never have heard the term "sandbillies" or known about the abuelitas and disabled being released from custody because the Republicans think no government is the best government. And the mini-history of the Supremacy Clause, the Articles of Confederation, and the Treasury Department which ran through my head would have remained dormant had you not mentioned that Arizona wants to coin their own coins! Share the rage! But don't be fooled, the sandbillies have their counterparts in Kansas and Missouri!