Friday, March 29, 2013

Caretaker Promenade

by Pa Rock

My sister, Gail, arrives in Phoenix this evening to take over caretaker duties from my oldest son, Nick, who will leave in the morning.  It is very nice having family who are willing to interrupt their lives in order to take care of me.

I had a visit from a new home health nurse today, my second in two weeks.  I also have had one visit from an occupational therapist who decided that I did not need his services, and have had two visits from a physical therapist with two more to follow.

I have been to see my primary care provider and have follow-up visits scheduled with my cardiologist as well as the surgeon who performed the operation.

All seem to agree that I am doing well.

My two most immediate concerns are when can I resume driving, and when can I get rid of these damned support stockings.   When I am allowed to begin driving again, I will be able to get to medical appointments on my own and let my relative caretakers get back to their lives.   And as for the other concern, I have questioned all of my providers so far about the tight, white stockings.  (If I could get rid of them, I could meet all of the needs of my feet without assistance.)  Surprisingly, there seems to b e two schools of thought on the subject.  Some believe they are medically necessary, and another group thinks that they are throwbacks to torture devices from the Middle Ages, and the only doctors who prescribe them are sadists with foot fetishes.

Social Update:  Nick took me on a long drive around the western side of the Valley this afternoon, and we wound up sitting in the beer garden of a German restaurant in Old Glendale.  (No, I did not imbibe.)  It was a pleasant setting, in pleasant weather, where we were able to have a very pleasant conversation.)

Nefredia called from Okinawa this evening.  It is always wonderful to hear from my old friends over there, especially her.

It takes a bunch of people to raise a village idiot, and I am fortunate that my caretakers are so steadfast, reliable, and kind.

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