Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hospital Weights and Measures

by Pa Rock

The last time I was in the hospital, which admittedly was a couple of decades ago, anything produced by a patient's body was weighed and measured.   The nurses monitored the amount of urine that each patient produced, neatly recorded the totals in ledgers, and tallied bowel movements.  They also had to have a look at what was left in the toilet bowl.

A couple of years ago I spent a few days sitting with a sick friend who was in a military hospital on Okinawa.  The military medical people also liked to maintain a record of when and how much.  That, however, may say more about the military than it does the current state of real medical care.

During my current hospital stay, nothing was weighed or measured - except my vitals and breathing.  Nobody followed me into the bathroom, and there were no warnings not to flush until the nurse could check on what I had accomplished - or failed to produce.  When I finally did complete my first post-surgical bowel movement, I was ecstatic and thought a maybe a trophy should have been ordered - but the nurses could have cared less.

That's a problem.  People just don't care anymore!

(My apologies to those who read this before breakfast!)

My cardiologist just came by and confirmed that I am going home today.  Molly is safely at Sky Harbor Airport awaiting her flight to Portlandia, and Nick is sitting and dozing in my hospital room

It will be so nice to sleep in my own bed tonight!

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Carla Brown said...

I knew this time of year was your birthday and wanted to wish you well! Looks like you've had a great deal of action lately! Hang in there!

Carla Brown