Thursday, March 21, 2013

Final Day in the ICU


Tim Macy

The news on Rock's recovery continues to be optimistic.  From the reports I heard from my sister as well as the nurses taking care of Rock, he had a few issues with an irregular heartbeat and some shallow breathing.  The doctors changed the medications around and got the situation(s) resolved.  I spoke with Rock earlier today.  When I called a second time the nurse told me he just closed his eyes.  He sounds tired and maybe a touch bored but he is in good spirits and knows exactly what is happening to him and all around him.

I suspect the nurses at the hospital are surprised with Rock's level of awareness.  Given the self-indulgent state of our nation (I realize I'm veering toward opinion here--Pa Rock will retake the reigns soon), most people don't know what to make of observers.  Pa Rock is a classic observer.  He remembers names, notices what book everyone's reading and overhears bits of conversations.  Complimenting this ability, he has the memory of an elephant.  As religious followers of The Ramble can attest, Rock remembers stories, events, characters and details spanning his six and one half centuries of life.

I'm hoping you will all tune in to hear the words of Rock himself tomorrow.  This is his final day in the ICU.  He's moving "up" to a new room tomorrow.  Well-wishers are encouraged to email or call the hospital as of tomorrow.

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