Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Of Carousels, Calliopes, and Cane Poles

by Pa Rock

The nicest thing about having my children and sister spend time here helping out isn't all of the household assistance I'm receiving - which has been plentiful and much appreciated.  The absolute nicest thing about having them each visit for a week at a time is all of the face-to-face communication that is occurring.

It's hard to explain what is actually happening in your life, or who you have become, in an email, and that has been my primary form of family contact for several years.  The more I talk to each of them, the more I realize how much I miss the personal contact, the up-close view of how they are changing and what is going on in their lives.

It's nice to be sixty-five and still working, still contributing a service to society, still drawing a paycheck.   At some point, however, we all have to consider jumping off of the merry-go-round and heading home.  I'm not there yet, but I am watching the world slip by as the carousel spins to the eternal music of the calliope.  I'm seeing things long forgotten, hearing voices not heard in years, and reaching for the comfort of home and family.

And I am catching glimpses of grandchildren growing up much too fast without Pa Rock in their lives.

Maybe this heart issue happened for a reason.

Maybe it's time to invest in a cane pole and take the young ones fishing.

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Xobekim said...

I've got a couple of cane poles you can borrow.