Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making a House a Home

by Pa Rock
Crusty Old Bastard

I moved into my government quarters last August and made it livable enough to meet my needs, though it would undoubtedly be considered minimally livable by others.  But all of these months it has been just me.  I never have company.

I have a dining room table (wooden, purchased years ago at Sam's Club for my farmhouse) and four chairs (from Pier 1 Imports).  I use the table for holding piles of whatever needs piling - and typing.  My living room consists of four wicker chairs (thank you, Big Lots)  that were originally intended for patio use, a couple of odds and ends tables, and a modestly-sized flat-screen television.  There are three very small bedrooms with my old iron bed occupying about eighty-percent of the floor space of the master bedroom.  There are bookcases and books everywhere - and I also have interesting art on most of the walls.

Today, realizing that I will soon have company - out-of-town and local - following my upcoming surgery, I decided that it was time to make this mess look more civilized.    After screwing-up my courage, I ventured into a furniture store where I was almost assaulted by a young lady who was obviously working on commission and very, very hungry.   Her aggressiveness (think car salesman on steroids) was so over-the-top that I made a hasty exit.

The second place was less severe.  I convinced the sales lady to leave me alone while I looked around.  After I found some things that interested me, I came and got her and we talked.  Tomorrow they will deliver a new mattress and box spring for my old iron bed, another mattress and box spring on a simple frame for the guest bedroom, and some nice living room furniture.

The place still won't be a palace, but at least I can offer guests a comfortable place to sit and relax as they talk about me - and while they are discussing me, I will be snoozing comfortably on my new mattress!

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