Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 2 of Recovery


Tim Macy, happy son

The news out of Glendale is all positive.  My dad was up and walking at 330 in the AM, though I suspect not because he felt like it.  Apparently, after open-heart surgery, the protocol is to have the patient walking four times a day.  Not being a medical doctor, I won't venture a theory, but probably something to do with circulation.  My dad has walked twice now, with the help of a nurse and his sister Gail.  His one complaint was that he didn't sleep well, or rather, that he'd "slept all he wanted to."  For those not intimately acquainted with my father, he's not the type to lie around in bed all day.

I phoned the hospital this morning to ask about my dad and, to my surprise, the nurse put him on the phone.  He was able to talk normally.  He sounded like it was any other day.  I had expected to hear a weaker version of his voice--it was nice to hear him sounding like himself.  All reports say that he is recovering faster than anyone expected.

Rock's sister Gail is leaving tonight on the red-eye out of Phoenix, back to Florida.  Her visit was a surprise and a great one!  She didn't tell anyone she was coming but I could tell from my dad's voice that it meant a great deal to him.  She will return to help out around Rock's house the first week of April.  My sister Molly is there now.  My brother Nick will be in Phoenix the last week of March and I will make my way to the Scorpion State after Gail leaves.  This gives Rock close to a month of having someone close by in case he needs a hand.  At the rate he is recovering on Day Two, he may not need the help but the visiting will still be nice.  Maybe if Rock is feeling good enough by the time I'm slated to visit, I will bring my wife and daughter along for a proper visit.  Olive (my little girl) immediately says "Pock" (Pa Rock) when she sees a picture of her grandfather.

I don't believe the room that Rock is currently in will allow phone calls from anyone but immediate family, but I suspect he will be making the transition out of the ICU very soon.  By that time I'm sure he will have reassumed the reigns of The Ramble and those tuning in will hear his familiar voice as they read.  Likely, this will be my final guest posting.  Thanks to everyone for checking in and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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