Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan Brewer is Heartbroken

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The dust seems to be settling in Tucson, Arizona, after yesterday's madness.   The shooter has been arrested and charged, and Sarah Palin's staff is working overtime combing through her past tweets and posts trying to remove anything that sounds as though it was intended to incite - not a small endeavor.  The Sheriff of Pima County, where the murderous rampage occurred, laid the blame on violent and hateful rhetoric, and was quickly attacked with more hateful rhetoric for pointing out the obvious.  And, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is "heartbroken."

Governor Brewer should be heartbroken  - and mortified with shame - because she has signed off on some of the most dangerous gun legislation in the nation.   Just this last April she scrawled her signature on Arizona Senate Bill 1108 which completely eliminates the need for a concealed-carry permit in most circumstances.  The bill, not surprisingly, was written by State Senator Russell Pearce, the former Chief Deputy of Sheriff Joe Arapio who authored Arizona's crazy, racist screed known as Senate Bill 1070 - a noxious piece of legislation that calls on Arizonans to be prepared to prove their citizenship if asked.  Of course, the only ones ever asked are brown Arizonans!

Concealed-carry permits are still required for carrying guns, even loaded guns, into bars and restaurants.  Thank God (or Praise Allah) for small mercies!

Under Jan Brewer's stewardship, laws have been enacted to allow guns to be taken onto school property as long as they remain in vehicles.  (Which is good, actually, because what teacher, or student for that matter, would ever get mad enough to walk out to his car and then re-enter the building with his six-shooter blazing?) People may even carry guns into the State Capitol and many other public buildings.  The age for buying shotguns or rifles is only 18 in Arizona, while the minimum age for buying a handgun is twenty-one - thanks to a danged federal law.

Governor Brewer did not fire those shots yesterday, nor did she have any direct involvement in the matter.  But, like the former nitwit governor of Alaska, she has done more than her share to promote her state as a mecca for loonies - a place where might makes right and he (or she) with the most guns wins.

Jan Brewer has every right to be heartbroken - we all are.  She also should be scared shitless - just like the rest of us!

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